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Tech Tuesday June 18 2013

One of the biggest tech tools I use is RAPPORTIVE, which is an add on for gmail.  Unfortunately will not work for you if you don't use gmail.  However, those of us on gmail MUST take advantage of it.  Imagine knowing, at a glance, what your clients have been posting recently on Facebook, twitter, linked all from your email window, without having to go to all those sites?

I can't count the number of times I've used something I've notice in the RAPPORTIVE screen while using gmail in my conversations with people by email.  "Oh by the way, I notice on Facebook you just got back from Mexico, I hope you had an amazing trip" 

Click here to watch an awesome video explaining more about the RAPPORTIVE app.

Google Alerts
You've heard me talk about these before, you've seen videos on how to, you've read about it in my emails, but some of you still haven't done it! Sorry, but TODAY is the day.  Put aside 5 MINUTES of your time and set up a google alert for your name (or if you have a common name your name plus RE/MAX or whatever brokerage you are at) 
This is a key tool in managing your brand.
Watch this video on how to set up google alerts - It is quick and easy
Google Glass
I am not sure if you have heard about Google Glass.  If you haven't you might want to read up on them.  Although you might end of terrified like I was when I read up on them.  Essentially, this is a product which is coming to the market that you wear on your eyes (like glasses) ; it turns the world in to a basically a giant computer monitor.  It overlays data on top of what you are looking at (and has the ability to record EVERYTHING as well) 
Not all tech is happy go lucky, this product (and the thought of everyone wearing one) is a little uncomfortable.
Read up on it
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